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Dungeons & Dragons

- All 27 episodes of the Dungeons&Dragons Cartoon

- On 3 DVDs


well , to remain perfectly legal , the DVDs are for trade only , so...

you pay for the cost of the blank DVD media and a trade item from the wish list

$10 for the set of all 3 DVDs (using standard quality disks)


$27 for the set of all 3 DVDs (using the highest quality disks)

the difference between the standard and high quality disks is this

the high quality disks will play in about 95% of all the DVD players sold

and , while i do not know the percentage of DVD players that the standard quality disks will work in ,

i know it is lower than 95%

Email me to get the shipping address.


The Realm

Spooky's Dungeon

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Email me with any questions or suggestions.