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With my highly tuned observation skills ,
i noticed that most snowboard makers use a themed set of graphics for each model.
And so i have done the same.

These are......
you guessed it....

Obviously, more could be created, in any set, with the same design theme.

All are 1/4 of the original design size. So if any are of interest to you, i can send you the full size pic for a closer viewing.

Viking Runes

Another happy set of three.
this is easily my favorite set,
if anybody cares



probably a better idea to do separate sets for good, neutral, or evil.
but this is what i have at the moment.

with a close up of the lizardman

Bear paw

Not a set.
Just two versions of an idea.
Not sure what i would do to make a set of it.


Not a real set.
Just several versions of an idea, starting simple and getting more complicated.
Should be easy enough to imagine others with the same design theme, like changing the pose of the hand and outline color.


Shield sketch

Just a sketch of an idea
i dont have a full size pic of this one. And this one should also be easy enough to imagine others with the same design theme.





If you get a chance, can you give just a quick feed back on them.
"Too many colors"
"Not enough colors"
"I hate animals"
or even , the always delightful ,
"You suck, find another hobby"


Thanks for your time,
Shane Hatheway